☞☞☞☞ 【WTB】 GW2 EU/US GOLD ★Appletree's Gold Shop★ [Best Price] [Fast Payment] ☜☜☜☜

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Appletree's Gold Shop

Hello friend,We come from Appletreestore. If you find us as your suitable parterner, i hope to have a long-term opportunities for cooperation with you!

➵Fair Price
Higher than most of the buyers out there. And we are willing to pay even more on large amount of gold. Contact us for a private quote.

➵Payment Methods
1.Paypal (verified paypal account)
2.Western Union

We will send the payment within 3 minutes right after transaction has been done!~

➵Ways of Contact

Skype:appletreestore(Message me on skype if you're interested)

(I'm always asking for feedbacks after trade so it would be a great idea to start a feedback when posting here, we do the trade and we complete the feedback for both of us afterward.)

Note: You can check our daily prices here then contact us for a private quote