What qualifications/skills do you have?

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Studying IT in college opened me to a whole new world of computers. Although pretty basic, I learnt pretty much every area of networking to achieve a CISCO certification. Sadly I only stayed in college for a year but I learnt so much more with languages, web development, graphic design, social media and all the other stuff you find in a college IT course.

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Let's see ...

Malware removal and analysis, computer security and protection (malware prevention), coding/programming (software, websites development from A to Z), technical support, troubleshooting skills, Windows, *nix (not that good too), a bit of networking and server management ...


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Nothing past GCSE to be honest. I taught myself everything I know about computers/programming since I was a whole lot younger. I did A-Level Computing (as well as Business Studies, Maths, and Physics) in College but it didn't really interest me much because by then it was all basic stuff to me - and I ended up getting kicked out due to attendance.

The only point IT seems to get interesting is Uni level ;l. Sadly I doubt that's an easy option by now.