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Watch Live DDoS Attacks

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I found this really cool site that allows you to watch DDoS attacks live. You can see who is attacking who, and look at all sorts of cool stats surrounding it.

I feel the White Hat Section is best since it relates to computer and internet safety. Thought you guys would like it. Check it out here:

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Angel said:
Another Mac user, respect mate. :cool:
But for real. One of the perks of my college. Either a Mac or Shitty HP included with your tuition. Obviously I picked the Mac.

And I'm glad everyone enjoys the link! It's kinda fun to just open it in a new window for a few hours to see who is kicking who's ass.
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It's slow to load for my PC, but I am able to see the scheme of the logistics. It's great to know that we, as a forum and cyberspace collectively, can know that the technology is there to monitor and respond to these attacks.