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The White Hat World

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The White Hat World
By Meso

Let's get started by asking the general question, what is a "White Hat" hacker? Well first of all, a white hat hacker (WHH) is a legal ETHICAL hacker who uses a variety of tools/skills and knowledge to test out website security and also protect anyone who may need it. Why should you choose this over being a black hat hacker? Well black hat hackers typically are looking at serious jail time whenever they get caught, compared to white hats who are getting paid to do the same work and it is completely legal and usually ends up in you getting a very well paid profession.​

WHH/EH Skill Set
Many White Hat Hackers/Ethical Hackers (WHH/EH) will always use the same skill sets, but how they use them can very. These are some very useful skill sets you should look to develop when going into the Ethical Hacking world and mastering all of them will take you further with your career. My personal favorite is Social Engineering, I love being able to manipulate a target or multiple targets to better my operations. What is yours? You get to decide which one you think you'd like to master!
  • Social Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Penetration Testing/Network Security
  • Website Security
  • Malware Security/Analysis

Common Terminology
All hackers know this terminology and I suggest you get these engraved into your minds as well! The number one thing that will help you to become successful in the hacking world is looking at information that is given to you, and breaking it down and understanding it. If you don't know some common terminology then it will be hard for you to look professional and take your career to the work ethic and level that you'd like it to reach. I have made a list of some of the most commonly used terminology:
  • Exploit - Testing/Taking advantage of a security vulnerability.
  • Penetration Testing - A method of evaluating computer/network security by simulating attacks from both an internal/external source.
  • Social Engineering - Human Psychology skills that allow you to gain information from target or targets.
  • Reverse Engineering - Breaking down software/code in order to analyze and understand it.

How To Get Started
Now, because you are looking at this, you're probably wondering how to get started in the vast world of computer and security hacking/protecting. Well you can't do it overnight, there are so many little details you have to pick up on while hacking, and network/computer security is always developing and changing as time moves on. So one thing I would recommend you do is to read some posts on forums about the various skills I talked about earlier, or check up on the terminology, because this will teach you some of the basics of the WHH/EH world. www.hackforums.net | www.hacksociety.net | www.evilzone.org Are all great forums to check out!

The Computing Languages
Below is a list of computing languages I highly recommend you brush up on and study if you are determined to become a successful and good WHH/EH. These are used all over the internet and the more you know the better you are able to test various security programs and website defenses. Each White Hat has their favorites, so I recommend reading and studying all of them and picking which ones were easier to remember and/or study to benefit you more in the long run.

  • C/C++
  • Java Script
  • Batch
  • Python/Linux
  • HTML
  • PhP

There are some great forum posts in which you can find E-Books to help you gain the knowledge you are looking to acquire in these languages.


  • Hacking For Beginners - https://www.udemy.com/blog/hacking-for-beginners/
  • Becoming An Ethical Hacker - http://www.pcworld.com/article/250045/how_to_become_an_ethical_hacker.html
  • The Role Of A WHH/EH - http://digitalcommons.pace.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1012&context=honorscollege_theses

You may also want to look out for free online hacking tutorials. Whether this be through video, reading, listening there are tons of tutorials out there if you really look for them. Like I said earlier, the main way I learned was from E-Books, these will be PDF files that you can download and read whenever you wish. I wouldn't be where I am today without E-Books! So read, read, read!

I hope this post benefited you in some way! If you have any questions or concerns about the White Hat World, feel free to Private Message me, or post a reply to this thread!