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More than just being a middleman service website, PlayerAuctions has also branched off to blogging a few years ago. This 2018, we are setting our sights higher with the introduction of our Game Tools page.

You can check out the Game Tools page at:

Just two things before we dive into our tools:
1.) Please note that for all calculations, the price estimates are based on previous orders and offers on PlayerAuctions. As PlayerAuctions is host to thousands of orders and offers, these price estimations are good representations of their value.
2.) You don't even need to buy anything from PlayerAuctions. These tools are offered for free!

I. Account Value Calculator
If you've ever felt the need to have a good price basis for your game account, then the Account Value Calculator is for you. The tool is available for select games only at this time, but we'll be branching out to more games soon.

Use the tool here:

This tool is available for the following games:
- Clash of Clans
- Fortnite
- Grand Theft Auto V
- League of Legends
- Overwatch
- Summoners War
- World of Warcraft

II. Market Price Tracker (2018)
If you've ever wondered how much game currency is being traded over at PlayerAuctions, then is the way for you to check it. Our tech and UX designers made it feel like a stock-like index screen, so every important number can be seen. This tool can be used for ALL games that have currency/gold trades.

Use the tool here:

III. Game Statistics
Featuring stats on performance for various weapons, specific maps, and/or numbers on a variety of game modes, the Game Statistics tool lets you know how well you are doing in the game. It could provide you the information to improve your game --- be a beast with where and what you are good at, or otherwise hone the areas you are struggling with.

Use the tools here:
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive -
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -
Fortnite -


We hope you enjoy using our tools --- be it for fun or for trading reasons. If you believe there's something wrong with the tool, or if you have any suggestions, please send me a PM here and we'll get to it.

Please look forward to more tools to be developed soon!

Have a great weekend!
-The PlayerAuctions Team