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Recently, The Elder Scrolls Online Studio released a new focus on community activities: Malacath Makeover in honor of the Orsinium Celebration event. More information you can check on gold.raiditem :D.

The purpose of this community event was to beautify the Orsinium State, Head luxury furnishing using the in-game Housing Editor. There were few rules, but participants would only receive a score if they used a head, without any attached body. The goal is to take the Orsinium Statue, Head furnishing and turn him into something more than his usual handsome face. You may get a generous reward for participating in the event. If you need to
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“Malacath is notoriously vindictive,” says Jonathan Hart Ellis, the player who organized the event; “so I wouldn’t want to receive his ire. Some of his followers don’t like ‘beautiful people,’ so beauty-ing up Malacath could be considered quite dangerous. Rest assured that no matter what Malacath might have been prettied up with, he was still quite ugly on the inside.” The community received a widespread positive response from players, who submitted numerous screenshots of their own statue heads. Entries won in a variety of categories, including “Most Terrifying” and “Least Malacathy”.

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