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∆Ryan∆ said:

What i can do to help,
I'll be able to Hold up to 350$ USD. We don't want anyone really scared.
I will make sure to secure the accounts, So they can not receive them back one given.
If anything goes bad, and they ask for a re-fund. The other person has to agree on the deal being canceled.

Terms of condition
If you're gonna blame Me for stealing items. Then i'll provide proof and get you in trouble.
Everything is free, but make sure that you pay the fee's i'm not gonna.
Please be respectful, and it'll all work out fine.

Thanks for being interested, but we have specific requirements for MM'ing and you don't meet them yet.

[font=Lato, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Middleman Requirements[/font]

[font=Lato, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]So you wish to apply to be a Middleman? The criteria are:[/font]

  • Member for over 2 months.
  • Must be Upgraded to Prime (as a minimum).
  • No scam reports previously opened against you.
  • At least 250 Forum Posts.
Feel free to make this thread again when you do!
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