[READ ME] What is a Middleman?


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You may be asking essentially, what is a middleman and why are they used?

A middleman is used for when you have a deal inplace with someone, but neither of you feels safe in sending/giving the items first to the other person.
In cases such as these, a middleman can be used.

The process is as follows:

  1. You both contact a reliable middleman on-site to see if they can middleman for you. Note: OFFICIAL Middlemans'  are your best and most trusted type of Middleman, however normal Middlemans can also be used. Just be wary of who they are and how many MIDDLEMAN vouches they have. Feedback means nothing.
  2. Once you have a middleman in place, he/she will take the details for the account/the items that the seller is selling.
  3. The Middleman will then confirm that they have the goods.
  4. The Middleman will then tell you to make payment for the items.
  5. Once payment has been confirmed by the "buyer", then and ONLY then - the middleman will release the items.
  6. You can then leave feedback / a vouch for all parties
  7. Success! You have your items and you weren't scammed!
Official Middlemen on the forum will be sparse, perhaps only 5 or so. This is due to the long list of conditions which need to be met in order to be an OMM.
However, don't let this deter you from using a normal Middleman. Just beware of how many MIDDLEMAN VOUCHES they have (not feedback), DON'T just take someones word for saying they are "trusted".

9/10 times using an Official Middleman will result in a success.
8/10 times using a normal Middleman will result in a success.

Whilst I can't guarantee that by using a Middleman you won't get scammed, you will be A LOT safer than not using a Middleman.
Be savvy when using a normal middleman, check them out and decide if you want to use them.

I hope this will promote safe trading on the forum.