New Samsung patent could bring a new device with full flexible screen


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Samsung, the world smartphone leader has developed a new patent for a new type of flexible display. The new patent is more than we saw at the Galaxy S6 Dual Edge and more than Galaxy Round. The new patent will make new Samsung devices more flexible and more resistant. With the new development, Samsung is maintaining the first position on the phones market and will release a new device maybe this year Q4 with a new style and a new flexible screen. At the beginning, the flexible display was blamed, but after Samsung released the three flexible screen devices( Galaxy Round, Galaxy Note EDGE and Galaxy S6 Dual Edge) Samsung started a new type of device. Galaxy S6 Dual Edge is an amazing device with two curved sides and a unique design. Actually if we read the reviews, Galaxy S6 is called the perfect phone.
The new Samsung patent presume that the next flexible device will be fully flexible. This means that next Samsung flexible device will have a metal frame fully flexible, a new type of battery fully flexible and also a new type of display, also fully flexible. With these three most important components, the new device will be able to be bended similar to a wallet without cracked display problems.
The image of Samsung patent shows us that the flexible battery is actually composed of many little batteries coupled between them this way could assure a full flexibility. As a new interesting thing at this patent is the main camera. It can be used for video conferences and as we know for video capture. The future device could feature two or more camera like this to be able to capture photos or record 3D videos and images.