Neguido's Trusted Middle-Man Service!


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For free I am prepared to middleman;
  • UKBT Transactions (of up to 200 Great British Pounds).
  • Habbo Trades (of up to 300 Gold Bars in value).
  • Prime Coin Sales (of up to 500 Prime Coins).
  • File Distribution (of up to 5 Gigabytes in size) [1].
Anything beyond these amounts may be subject to fees as I am risking my own personal liability on your behalf.

I will;
  • Make myself available from the start to the end of the deal, under all circumstances.
  • Make sure both ends of the deal agree to either success or failure before any deal is completed [2].
Whatever happens after a deal is complete is beyond my responsibility, but in certain cases I will do my best to resolve a situation.

Require anything not listed? - Feel free to ask!

Why you would trust me;
  • Because I've always had a 100% positive trade feedback on both Virtual Trades and Prime Forums.
  • I originally joined BobbaMarket in 2012 - so I've been here a while.
  • I am one of the most active forum users here, along with a couple others who know who they are.
  • I am a Coder at Prime Forums therefore my own coding is run on this forum so Hobbs clearly trusts me enough [3].
  • I am a kind person, as most people know me. People know not to take me seriously when I'm playing around.
  • I am now a Moderator at Prime Forums.
Some smallprint (check above for reference);
  1. [1] All files (where applicable) must be compressed into a single package. This can be a zip file, a rar file, etc.
  2. [2] If there is a disagreement I will be prepared to take in evidence from both sides.
  3. [3] Be aware that this is not an official endorsement from Hobbs. If he wants to vouch he may do so.