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¥ Pound Middleman Service ¥

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am providing a middleman service and I will manage any kind of Habbo trades. I am only doing Habbo because I have more experience in it and I am an expert when it comes to a secure trade.
I am handling (1gb for middleman trades):
  • Gold/Coins
  • Accounts
  • Rares/Supers
If you're looking for a middleman I am always here to help, I am mostly not busy, and I will always be hawking PrimeForums for a middleman trade. I have decided to put my time on this lovely community. I am very trustworthy, I have managed over 100s of trades and I have done middleman trades before in the past.
If you would like to use me as your middleman please PM me and thank you for having the time to read the thread!

  • Do not be rude.
  • Do not spam my inbox.
  • Must leave feedback after middleman.
What is a middleman? Click here
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