[MM] Traid's Middleman Service

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Hello! And welcome to my middleman service! I've recently been accepted as a Middleman, with hopes to work my way towards Official Middleman status. I've been around this forum for a few years, and hope to be here for years to come. Anyway, if you need a middleman, here I am!​

My Middleman Service works quite simply. ​

The things I'm willing to be a middleman for are as followed:​

  • Steam inventory items / gifts / keys
  • Habbo Hotel furniture / coins / accounts
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic items / credits
  • Most other virtual items / accounts
The things I am NOT willing to be a middleman for are as followed:

  • Currency / Crypto Currency
  • Physical objects / mail
  • Illegal / Against forum policy transactions

Katie said:
Vouch for Traid :) GL getting OMM xx

[align=justify]I look forward to working with each and every one of you!​