How much money have you made this month?


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I've made around $2000 selling Virtual Goods and then won another £1500 ($2200) on betting so around $4200 this month.

How about yourself?
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$950AUD AFTER TAX per week for working.
$30-50USD per week for buying and selling virtual goods. (Not very big into it, yet)
$1000-$1200 for the month with online betting on football (Soccer for the yanks)

Not a bad month and buy the end of the month I should have seen about $4900 at a low-ball up to about $5300.
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I've actually lost way too much. I try so hard to make even a little income, but I don't have the knowledge or funds to start off, so I dunno how. Haha.
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I made £2250 yesterday.

And made £225 using an Ebay (paypal) method that I'm also selling :D