How I got LORE item


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In these days I was playing CSGO rare. I'll tell U I see a real rush for skins has began last months) My own real passion during last days became items:) There were some great models in my inventory which I decided to sell! I win realy on OpenCSGO profit a couple of time:)

And Open CS:GO made me happy with the top incoming ever. From the FB ad I have read out that there are case with many Lores skins was made and one more Lore item is added to each offer. But that time something happened and I earn TWO LORES from one case! Thus, I cash in my account with $ 100:) Thereafter I start to look for my own magic box! I was opening about 20 boxes and had NOTHING... Thereafter I've chosen one box only to open:) I was on edge realy:)

I bought Ultraviolet offer for 4 times and then I got Flip knife Lore for almost 170$... That day it was my first cool win! Thereafter I began to open Catch Lore box! I bought it for 9 or 10 times and earn bad items again:) I was on edge again like earlier! And then I got StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet Lore for near $ 1000:) Now this box opening made me successful with 2 Lores knives:) Now I can sell them or change them...