[Freebie] Free $100 Off Xbox One Coupon


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NOTE: This is not mine but I DO have permission from the original author to post it here.​

1. Go here.
2. Choose any console from the homepage
3. Tick "WORKING" and all "YES", select a random hdd size and click accept
4. Fill in your email and password - > Continue
5. Fill in some fake shipping info - > Continue

You will receive coupon in your email in 2-3 minutes.

Enjoy your $100 off coupon.


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"You will receive a separate email containing a coupon code worth $100 towards the purchase of a new Xbox One once CExchange receives your trade-in"
guess they caught on


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Closed due to old thread, and site no longer working.

@Saint please feel free to ask me to open it again Via pm in future in necessary.