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Odealo is an online marketplace for MMO gamers.
All offers on Odealo are user-posted.
And, while each seller on Odealo is verified,
and dozens of them compete for your attention,
you are to expect the best prices and the
highest quality of service.

On Odealo you will find all the
most popular assets including:

EVE Skill Injectors

We can also provide:

All types of Battle-ships
including the Titan-class

On Odealo you will find multiple offers
for the main EVE's server:

You can visit the website or contact
us on Skype: support@odealo.com



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Odealo is the most secure Online platform on which EVE players buy their goods.
ISK is most often bought for EVE, it seems that it is the main currency that is valid in the whole universe, that's why every player wants to buy EVE Isk. Drugei in order, however, Skill Injectors are equally important. You must buy and use skill injectors on your captain in order to be able to use the benefits and goods you bought for Isk. Odealo is safe and enjoys respect among EVE players. EVE players buy at Odealo Plex, Buy Isk and buy very popular Skill Injectors and Large Skill Injectors. Then they get hundreds of thousands of ISK bonus


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EVE ISK, SKILL INJECTORS AND PLEX - Fast and Safe - it's our motto
our primary task is to take care of the security of transactions. That's why only the best suppliers and sellers sell their goods to Odealo.
If you are looking for a safe and cheap Isk, our offer is certainly addressed to you.
At Odealo you can buy Eve Plex, Eve Isk, Large Skill Injectors, Super Skill Injectors and ordinary Skill injectors.
All these goods are cheap, and buying them is safe.


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EVE Online is a game that combines the highest level of user culture, making EVE Online famous for its great and very polite community. In EVE, the main currency is Isk, Isk is the cosmic currency that is sold in billions. Among buyers it is also popular to buy EVE Plex - It is not the most popular, but it is still a noticeable position in the stackable basket. Large Skill Injectors are gaining popularity, it is estimated that Large Skill Injectors and Skill Injectors currently account for 35% of the goods traded by EVE Online players. However, still 10% belongs to EVE Plex and 55% to EVE Isk - which you can buy at Odealo