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Venertx LLC ~ Founder & CEO
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Dear my fellow Prime Forums Users and Staff,

Hello, i bring too you today my Middlemen Service - ""Paypal Holding Service"". I shall let you use my Paypal Account to hold your Sales, Transactions or whatever you would like from your business, website ill accept anything. As long as i get % of what money/ income is going into my account. I am a fair person, and i'm bringing this service to Prime Forums. I am happy to do anyone a Deal, and i cannot wait to Serve/ Assist you here at Prime Forums Today. If your interested in my service, then please don't hesitate to contact me ?

Is your Paypal Account Verified and a Business Paypal Account ?​

- Yes my Paypal Account is a Verified Account aswell as its a Business Paypal account aswell. Please check here: