[Astral] $5 BTC - Agar.io Contest


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Hello everyone.

This is a contest that will end on 21/06/2015 and it's about AGAR.IO

That game where you must eat other particles & get bigger.

Well, to join post a reply using the form below;

Date joined:
After you submitted your entry you will appear on our userlist below;

Now, to win the $5 BTC you will need to play @ www.agar.io & get the most points you can, take a screenshot using a simple program, such as https://app.prntscr.com/ and post it here.

You can play multiple times.

This is a skill contest & you have until 21/06/2015 to practice & get a high score.
Enjoy & have fun.

Winner will also get an invite for Astral for him & a friend.

Thread subject to changes.

Minimum players required for this contest will be 5 people, if we do not meet that requirement by the 14/06/2015 I will close it.
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I've only got on scoreboard like twice so i would of lost this, also stop grave digging mate!!!! Might have to report u to the owner of de forums