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Premium account subscription is truthly great feature to win models

Discussion in 'Counter Strike: Global Offensive' started by Hater7, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. Hater7

    Hater7 New Member

    Jun 19, 2017
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    Recently I was watching on Youtube the streamer opens boxes on opencsgo.com! That guy told he has bought the VIP status OpenCS:GO... Never before I saw so many top drops during one session!.. And he made cool spins there even knife was among his wins... I saw the new premium status feature is there but took no notice of it. Now I am sure I made a mistake not purchasing the VIP status earlier!.. I was very jealous about his success and steel also I was glad I think it:) Now I Just can think how many nice openings I missed because of not purchasing VIP account... Straight after watching I bought OpenCS:GO to study everything about the VIP account!

    Open csgo offers 3 kinds of VIP subscribe! U can find out what preferences has premium account, too:) There are basic, expert and premium packs!..I decided to buy the best one. It saidU can buy VIP status and no-amount cases with that acc, take part in premium giveaway, earn personal promocode and really many nice things more. After subscribe premium account I started to noted what box to buy! The 1st thing was researching the hidden cases which I can not purchase without premium status...

    I didn't see before such many good and expensive models in one box:) I've put up cash and chose that box with Nickolson) And it was yummy, the third opening gave Desert Eagle Hand cannon for near $55) I was encouraged by that beginning with VIP account status) After that I decided to buy more high cost) The Raider was my next box to buy!.. I could spin it only 3 times but I was sure in profit!.. And that spin drops me Falchion Knife Boreal Forest for 60 usd. I decided to spend cash in this case for two more openings... Thus, after the ongoing spin I dropped M9 Bayonet Crimson Web! After that I decided to stop... In thus game it is very important to stop in time!..