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Never Miss Buying 70% Off For Swtor Gold From Swtor2credits.com

Discussion in 'Gamers Lounge' started by rs3gold, Aug 23, 2017.

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  1. rs3gold

    rs3gold New Member

    Apr 26, 2017
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    Different class changes in upcoming Swtor Update 5.4 have been talked these days, including changes for Fury/Concentration, Carnage/Combat and Concealment/Scrapper. On August 18 Bioware announced that they are not going to be making any changes to Operative and Scoundrel healing in Swtor 5.4. Now it’s the right time to look over all the new things in Swtor 5.4 and enjoy the cheapest swtor credits from Swtor2credits.

    No Changes to Medicine/Sawbone in Swtor 5.4

    It was announced that there won’t be any nerfs to Medicine Operative/Sawbone Scoundrel in Patch 5.4.?
    Reason: although these Disciplines are overperforming in HPS, it can be quite challenging to keep players (especially tanks) alive due to the Disciplines lack of burst healing.?
    The adjustment will be made until Swtor addresses the burst healing issues of the Class, probably in Swtor 5.5.

    Make preparation for Swtor 5.4 with adequate swtor credits

    As the coming of Swtor Update 5.4, it’s a good choice to stock adequate swtor credits for all new contents in update. Then Swtor2credits is the right place where all your need can be satisfied.?
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