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[NA] LoL Account Shop || AutoBuy! || lvl 30 Unverified

Discussion in 'LoL NA Server Buy Sell Trade' started by druze, Mar 4, 2017.

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  1. druze

    druze New Member

    Feb 25, 2017
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    Druze LoL Account Shop
    Alright so I have quite a few LoL accounts for the NA region (will be adding more regions soon)

    Current Stock: 1000+

    Accounts will be random.
    You can get an account that is inactive with an unverified email and a lot of champions/skins/runes.
    Or you can get an account that is active with a verified email and a small amount of champions/skins/runes.

    The price will be $2.50 per account.
    I will be accepting PayPal and BTC.

    For Bulk prices are below:
    100 Random LoL accounts NA region: $10

    1000 Random LoL accounts NA region: $40

    Guaranteed level 25-30 and have unverified email, stats like champs/skins/rp/ip/rank is all random.
    You will be able to change email + password to your own​

    All verified accounts come with a lifetime warranty so if it stops working PM me to get a new one.
    (Lifetime means the lifetime of this thread)

    If you want a specific account i.e. rank or whatever just pm me and ill see what I have.