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Dark's Mobile Help-Desk​

PS: If anyone see's this on another forum, with a different Username.. It's me, I made this​

Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you to my mobile Help-Desk. I will be here to answer any question that you can think of regarding your mobile device or tablet.

Here are some of the questions I could answer ( remember these questions are not limited to what I post here, It can be anything mobile)​

- What is Rooting/Jailbreaking
- How do I Root/Jailbreak
- Can doing this hurt my phone
- What are the benefits
- What are custom roms
- What is Cydia
- What phone/tablet should I get

These are just a few general questions you can ask. Like I said it's not limited to just that, so ask away and if I don't have and answer, I'll look for you.