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Make Money (or not) with Ladbrokes

Discussion in 'Money Making' started by Seagulls, Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. Seagulls

    Seagulls Member

    Sep 5, 2010
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    Hello everybody. I don't know if there are many UK gamblers here, but here's how you can possibly make money with a very small risk with Ladbrokes. You can also lose money though.

    You must be a new customers and must sign up here to take advantage of their £50 free bet offer.

    1) Click here. Sign up and deposit £50. Use promo code F50.
    2) Bet £50 on Germany or France to QUALIFY (different to winning in 90 minutes) match on 07/07/2016. Choose who you think is more likely to qualify. If this team wins you make a profit (as of 07/07/2016 2:05am) of £45.45.
    3) After using the £50 bet (above) you will now have a £50 free bet. Bet this on the team you think is LESS likely to qualify. If this team wins you will receive £45.95 back into your Ladbrokes account, meaning you will lose £4.05.

    Therefore, for the chance of losing £4.05 you can win £45.45. Don't know if this sounds good to you but I found it on a forum and thought it would be worth a punt if you manage to pick the right team. Personally, I've done this and picked France. Hope it makes sense lol. Good luck.

    You must be over 18, from the UK and not opened a Ladbrokes account before or you won't get paid.