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i want selling fb ads account with 1825$+ balance + master card attach

Discussion in 'Social Mediums' started by socialservice24hour, Jul 22, 2017.

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  1. socialservice24hour

    socialservice24hour New Member

    Jul 11, 2017
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    i want selling fb ads account with 1825$+ balance + master card attach

    why you buy this service
    1> account is very strong no banned before minimum 3 year.
    2> this is a ads account ,so facebook like this account bcz is a business platform .
    3> 1825 free monye in this account ,( step by step)
    4> quickly delivery
    5> 10 day replenishment guaranty ,
    6> anywhere login,
    7> defolt / free IP
    8> no security issue nextime.

    how to see this 1825 $ money?

    1> when you pay first time minimum 25$ ,facebook give you 25$
    2> when you pay 2nd time refile 50$ ,facebook give you 50$
    3> when you pay 3rd time refile 250$ ,facebook give you 250$
    4> when you pay 4th time refile 500$ ,facebook give you 500$
    5> when you pay 5th time refile 1000$ ,facebook give you 1000$
    total = 1825$

    note: must be delivery time minimum 24 hour