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How I spinned boxes on Open csgo with great income funds

Discussion in 'Counter Strike: Global Offensive' started by Hater7, Jun 27, 2017.

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  1. Hater7

    Hater7 New Member

    Jun 19, 2017
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    [​IMG] I was going to make a profitable case buying on Opencsgo because of my will to win more cash to attend the concert of my favorite group... I used to spin cases on that site some times recently and almost every time I had success!.. I began with an AWP box for $ 3,99... Befor starting I have filled $ 60!.. The first skins I win that day was Safari Mesh... And Hyper beast was my next items when I've bought box... After AWP I crossed to Ultraviolet and was opening it for some times...

    I opened ultraviolet box for few times and at last win Bayonet Ultraviolet!.. After that I begun to open case named Covert. With that case I made a fortune that I even was not hoping. Already after couple of opening I felt that now will happen something amaizing.

    The items I have win prise more than $ 180!.. I've caught AK Fire Serpent! I opened some more times and caught some not very high cost but nevertheless profitable skins!.. This day... In the night of this day I spinned box with gloves and took Sport Gloves Superconductor and now I am items-successful!.. Opening boxes cs:go on Open cs:go that time on Open CSGO was a lucky one!..