HabMore Hotel - Habbo Retro

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HabMore has finally opened its doors!

HabMore is an updated r63b retro based on plusemu (i know how original). We have a fully updated catalog and updating it more and more everyday. We currently have 3 owners and are looking for a hotel manager.

If you are interested just send me a PM. Our goal with this retro is to bring back the fun in Habbo. Our goal is to more of a community based hotel, and getting to know every single person in the hotel and creating a repore with them.

Our 3 owners are very experienced with habbo retros and habbo in general. We have been around for quite some time.... We have an updated catalog, a Radio in which we are hiring DJs for, diamonds, working groups, a forum and much more features.

The URL is; http://habmore.pw/ Screenshots;

We are always looking for feedback to better our hotel. So if you have any suggestions we would love to hear it!

Hope to see you online!