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About HabLush
HabLush started 24th March 2017 as me and Kay wanted to a start a new experience for users who want to have fun, play and create events, as well as to get noticed. The hotel peaks at around 20-40 users daily. You start with 250 credits and 500 duckets. Every 30 minutes you will receive 25 credits, 50 duckets and 1 diamond. Every furni is 1 ducket, rares cost credits, diamonds are for diamond rares, diamond clothing and custom clothing. Furthermore, you can invite a friend and both be rewarded 2,500 credits, 5,000 duckets and 50 diamonds!

We are a mostly non profit hotel. We don't sell rares, credits, or any form of currency to make you better than other players. We are yet to release VIP. All of our owners are adults and we have no interest in petty beef with other retros or people, so if that is what you want: we suggest you stay away. You will find no arguments here.

We hope to bring in a friendly community, full of enthusiasm and look forward to creating our dedicated community anew in the forthcoming events we will prepare for everyone. HabLush is professionally ran by myself and Kay, all staff will be chosen through dedication, innovation, respect, and eagerness to perform the duties tasked to them. Events will be scheduled, quests will be sketched up and available for participation for seasonal activities.

HabLush Democracy
The HabLush community plays a major role in all of our decisions concerning the hotel. Everyone gets a say in what is going on in the hotel. We’re a hotel based of the communities endeavours to help us expand it's appeal, so everyone will have a hand in shaping the hotel. We have amazing staff members who are fully trained, meaning the hotel has active and hard working staff members to help users like you at all times! While playing the hotel, we want to make sure that many events are being hosted to ensure that the users are having fun at all times, so we will make sure we have some staff members to help to manage this.

What makes HabLush unique?
The most difficult aspect of a retro is trying to be unique and stand apart from other retros, this is difficult because of the overuse of similar CMS's and emulators. We will not brag about any minor changes, but we will emphasise on the difference in control and the atmosphere we will offer to any new user willing to try HabLush. We offer a hotel that will be completely run by the user's opinions and suggestions.

Completely up-to-date catalogue
Daily events
Weekly competitions
Purchasable clothing
Stable economy
Unique rooms and ads
Regular events
A stable, sleek, and user friendly CMS
Lag-free client


PrimeForums is a community of developers, I hope that any criticism you have both good and bad will forward our hotel towards a path of success. Please inbox me for detailed suggestions as to how we could improve in any way, it is greatly appreciated.

If you came from PrimeForums, PM me on here with your username and I'll reward you.
P.S. There's a secret badge in each Public room!

Join now at https://hablush.com


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Looks pretty funky to be fair, maybe one if it's still doing well in a week or two when I've got more time might do a wee event over there if thats cool with you guys