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G Suite is Google’s smart app suite. Previously it was known as Google Apps, until it was renamed at the end of 2016. We mainly recommend G Suite to customers who need email hosting for their businesses. However, G Suite is much more than just email. It also includes a variety of applications and features that can be quite useful. In fact, you are probably already using or familiar with some of them. G Suite essentially allows its employees to have their own Gmail accounts with email addresses, which use their company's domain name. A very small company with one or two users could manage with free Gmail accounts and some rules of alias + forwarding. But once you start hiring two or three extra employees, you'll notice that you need accounts that can be managed separately. https://dochub.com/vicenmartinez/EKxOJW/g-suite-promo-code-free-2019-trial-offer-discount-coupon-pdf