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2 Days no effort involved

STEP 1: Using your Android Phone, open up the browser and open this link: https://r.applike.info/s/58ee5962584bd Please ensure you type the URL correctly, it is vital you do this. Yes it is my referral link but I’ll explain why it’s important you download the app through the link. If done through my referral, instantly you earn 4444 mCoins and thats like 0.50 bucks there.

Along with this, you will earn 25% of whatever I earn daily, which can be anything around 30,000- 50,000. So you’re guaranteed an extra 10,000 mCoins daily if done through my referral. The key to making money on this app is working together, it’ll benefit me because I’ll also earn 25% of what you make and you’ll earn 25% of what I make. It goes hand in hand. The app should look like this:

STEP 2: Once you have downloaded the app, you need to download another app from the Play Store. “No Screen Off” – This can be done by a regular search. Any other application that does the same will do, its purpose is to make sure the screen does not time out. Please sure you activate it so the phone does not time out before continuing to step 3. Here’s the one I use:

STEP 3: Once you’ve downloaded both, go back to AppLike application you downloaded first and set up your account etc. You’ll need an email, PayPal email etc to get the ball rolling. It’s a simple setup, shouldn’t be too hard. Once you’ve registered, you will be greeted by this page:

Download an application from this page. “Extremely Many mCoins” are usually the best ones because you earn more from them, but just go with whatever’s available offering the most.

STEP 4: Once you’ve downloaded your choice of application/game, return to the AppLike app and you shall see this page. Tap the triangle shown below and then let your phone do the farming. The application only needs to be running for you to be earning, you don’t require any interaction.

The longer the app runs, the more mCoins you earn. These mCoins can then be cashed in for PayPal money, no bullshitting.

UPSCALING POINTERS: Okay you’ve set up everything, and you’re earning $2 a night, but why does the eBook say $5-10 a day? Okay, this is where you need to upscale and put in a little more effort, but the efforts will pay off!

STEP 1: The longer you run an application – The time/points ratio increases, so you may have to run the application for 15 minutes to earn a certain amount of coins whereas when you first downloaded the application, you could earn the same amount of points in 2 minutes. The best thing to do in this situation is uninstall the application and download a new one from the homepage. – I tend to do this every morning.

STEP 2: Referrals – We all dread this bit, but it’s helping everyone make money and you can be living proof of that. Even referring your family members works. For every referral you sign up, you earn 250 mCoins, which isn’t much. However the key thing to be noted is: You will receive 25% of all mCoins your friend earns and your friend will receive 25% of the mCoins you earn. – That is what will be the most beneficial to both you, and the person you have referred.

STEP 3: Spare phone? Use it. If you have a spare phone, log into your account and leave it running 24/7. This way you’ll be earning around the clock, you will be earning more and so will your referrals. Encourage them to do the same to increase your earnings.

If you need help feel free to pm me.