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Do you like Galaxy Round? Take a look at this concept!

Discussion in 'Smartphone, Mobiles, Apps' started by Laur, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. Laur

    Laur New Member

    Feb 25, 2015
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    A new concept of a smartphone is coming out on the public and is featuring a flexible display, actually a curve screen. This new concept is made by a Romanian designer from Timisoara, named Alin Zanfirescu and is magnificent. The concept called Wedge smartphone feature a curve display similar to Samsung Galaxy Round and more than that has a small window where you can see the CPU doing its magic work.
    Wedge Concept
    Also, Wedge has a shiny black back case and at the bottom has metal insertion for a high-level protection and a good esthetic. On the back, we could also observe a nice stand designed for a better video experience and behind it is the magic CPU. Yes, you could see the smartphone CPU. Wedge has two speakers down where you can find the micro USB port for charging and data transfer.
    Wedge Concept Wedge Concept
    Alin has designed the device display with very narrow curve. On the top of the device, we could see the jack port and on the shinny back could find the camera with the blitz light. As we observe, on the right side is the power button made of metal and on the left side must be the volume up and down buttons, but we can’t see them. Maybe the concept features a curve display with an edge display on the left side.
    For the moment, we cold just wait and see if Alin will improve the concept design.
    Thank’s Alin, this is a great job!