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CSGO Skins brought me near $ 500

Discussion in 'Counter Strike: Global Offensive' started by Hater7, Aug 28, 2017.

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  1. Hater7

    Hater7 New Member

    Jun 19, 2017
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    That day I took off and stayed at home:) I have some nice models for rifles and daggers and use them during the game... I played my preferred shooter CSGO almost the whole day)In the evening I decided to watch Game of Thrones but before that I used to check my facebook page!.. And there I saw the ad of this site!.. This ad told that I'll receive 50$ more for any dagger from any case...

    I like opencsgo.com and got some times there nice models:)On the web store I think the banner near 50 $ for any knife again!.. I deposit 100USD and decided to buy the box with daggers) My plan was that even if I'll earn a very not expencive knife I'll get incoming nevertheless... The first drop was falchion knife forest ddpat in battle scarred quality!.. 40 $ is the price of that knife and the profit is almost 100 USD because of those $50!.. It was the top start ever! The next catch was Gut Dagger Damascus Steel Well-Worn that costs near $50! Thus for only two openings I earned 100 USD that I put up on account:) I used to spin the offer about 15 times and caught knives with extra money each time!
    Slowly but steadily I win near $ 400 with that case.Afer I used to do about 15 opening I a wonder happened. Karambit Offer Hardened Minimal Wear for near $300 and $50 more "as usual"!.. There were some problems with the loading (Am sure it caused by traffic) of the page that is why I stopped dropping. And opencsgo.com made me really rich) I win more than 500USD that evening:)I'll try to earn again today.