Apple Watch

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paying 300 euro for a watch is completely ridiculous, why would anyone buy this, unless you're like super rich or something then maybe it's okay but other than that its just dumb to buy it lo.


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It seems cool, but it's also seemingly overrated.
I saw something on the news recently, saying that this $350 device only costs a smaller $84 dollars to make.

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Hobbs said:
My friend has one, personally I'm glad I didn't get one.
I actually really like them and would want one but deffo not for that price lol, I'm thinking of getting a fitbit or some kind of fitness band but not sure where to look and stuff.
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I have a Samsung Gear S 4GB - Asia Version. It's the best watch I've ever owned, beats my Bapex :D I wear both as the bapex is just the best style ever but the Gear is very practical - it even tells me when my clash of clans buildings are upgraded omg